How to Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt

Hey guys, What’s going on? In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt, This is very cool new feature your home screen will work like command prompt , command prompt is specially use for hacking by professional hackers.

How to Turns Your Home Screen into a Command Prompt-:

1) Download and Install the CLI Launcher [ Click here ]

2) Open the application, and it will show you the guide the way you can use the application on your device.

3) Read all the details correctly, and after that, you can type the command and do kinds of stuff whatever you like.

4) You can type the help command if you don’t understand any command correctly.

5) Tap the home button to set the Launcher as default launcher you won’t get an annoying pop-up every time whenever you will press the home button.

6) If you want to call someone, then you can type the command “call mom” this will be your contact name.

7) If you want to uninstall any application, you can do so with the help of typing the command “uninstall WhatsApp.”

8) This way you can enjoy the Linux user interface on your Android device.

App shortcut -:

  • uninstall [app]
  • sms [contact] [text]
  •  call [contact]
  •  search [google, playstore, youtube, files]
  •  wifi
  •  flash
  •  share [file]
  •  mv / cp [file] [dest]
  • + many other Linux commands