How to install and use L Speed app in android 

L Speed is one of the best speed boosting android app, This app not boost your device speed, This app also save your battery power, This app run with root access only, There’s many features on L Speed,  In this article I’ll talk about how to install and use L Speed. 


Boost Your Android Performance.

Kernel Tweaks.

Boost Gaming Performance.

Battery improvement tweaks.

Clean applications junk files.

Clear Dalvik Cache.

Clear Battery Stats.

IO Boost

Google DNS.

Faster YouTube Streaming.

Run cleaner in the boot.

CPU Optimization.

Improve Scrolling.

Liquid Smooth UI.

Fast Charge

Battery improvement.

Battery Calibration.

Kill Media Server.

Much More.

How to install L Speed -:

1) Firstly clean up init.d file 

2) Download the Root Explorer or ES-File Explorer from the Play Store.

3) Open root directory by clicking on “/“.

4) Navigate to “/system/etc/init.d

5) Open init.d folder and delete all the files from that folder.

6) Done! Now, reboot your device and try to install the application on your device.

7) Now install L Speed


8) Open the application and grant the root permission of the application.

9) Now, if you don’t understand any tweaks then simply Hold on that tweak, and you will see the information. You can also click on info button ⓘ now you can view the tweaks.

10) There are many tweaks which you can try on your device. Install the tweak and check the changes.